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Expression of gastrin-17, pepsinogen I and II and Helicobacter pylori IgG in a Sri Lankan dyspeptic patient population using Gastropanel




Objective: This study was aimed to assess the usefulness of Gastropanel assay, an ELISA-based non-invasive diagnostic technique, in diagnosis of H. pylori infection and disease severity in a Sri Lankan population.

Methods: Blood specimens were collected from dyspeptic patients attending routine upper-gastrointestinal endoscopy at a tertiary care hospital. Serum Gastrin-17, Pepsinogen I and II were measured using the Gastropanel assay (Biohit Oyj, Finland). H. pylori infection was diagnosed using Gastropanel H. pylori-IgG (Biohit Oyj, Finland), histology and H. pylori-IgG (Bioactiva Diagnostica, Germany). Antral biopsies were histologically graded to determine the disease severity.

Results: Among the dyspeptic population, H. pylori infection was diagnosed in 22 patients by histology and in another 15 by H. pylori IgG assays. The expression of G-17, PG I and II did not show a significant difference between histologically confirmed H. pylori positive patients and H. pylori-negative patients. The PG I/II ratio were normal in the
World study population. Gastropanel assay identified 1 patient of the 22 histology positive patients as having atrophic gastritis of the antrum who was histologically diagnosed as mild antral gastritis while the other 21/22 were categorized as active H. pylori infection. Of the 44 H. pylori-negative dyspeptic patients, 15 were categorized as having healthy mucosa. However, 14/15 were diagnosed with mild antral gastritis while 1 patient had moderate to severe antral gastritis by histology.

Conclusions: The results of histology and Gastropanel assay were not comparable in this population from Sri Lanka. Larger study for validation of cut off values for the local population is needed.

KEYWORDS: Helicobacter pylori, Gastropanel, ELISA, Sri Lanka.


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